Game Review – 1940 Aces Of War (Luftwaffe)

Quantum Of Solace
NAME: 1940 Aces Of War (Luftwaffe)
VERSION: 1.0.0
COMPANY: Handy games
GENRE: Movie platformer
SIZE:  475KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the 1940 Aces of War java game review. It’s game set during World War II over the skies of the UK.  It’s also known as Aces of the Luftwaffe

Gameplay is standard top down scroller.  You control a WWII propeller fighter, presumably a Spitfire type and blast away at the enemies that fly and fire their over sized weapons toward you.  It’s set in chapters where you have to perform various tasks in order to unlock the next level.  Eg. fly over certain spots etc.. There is nothing new here.  There are various powerups which appear during the game like extra guns and missiles but they don’t appear all that often.  Game speed is very good not too fast or slow.

There is a character leveling system (based on the RAF) as well as game difficulty setting.

There are special moves you can activate but holding down the direction keys.  The move like rolls and dives look quite flashy…

The games graphics are high quality 2D with a mid-1990’s feel in the vein of predecessors such as the oft mentioned 1942.  Damage to your plane is indicated by black smoke coming from your plane and cracks on the screen.  The characters have a anime feel to them.  Suits the game perfectly in my opinion.  3D games on a mobile phone is completely overrated.

The game sounds are typical MIDI tracks with a few sound effects. It doesn’t add of detract from the game.

So it look good sounds OK but it does have certain issues.  The collision detection is slightly off.  When you think you’ve avoided an enemy the game records it as a hit.  So you really need to watch your positioning.  There isn’t an auto fire function.  It fires in bursts of about 10 shots then stops. You could say its more challenging as a result but I say – this is a flying game for a mobile phone game on a small screen with small buttons – get real.  It just doesn’t hit the right balance.

Conclusion: Its a decent game.  Graphic designers should be commended on decent plane sprites and backgrounds.  The programmers should do a little more work on the collision detection.  Otherwise it is an entertaining game.