Game Review – 007 Quantum of Solace

Quantum Of Solace
NAME: James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace
COMPANY: Glu & Sony Pictures
GENRE: Movie platformer
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 6/10

Welcome to the Quantum of Solace mobile game review. It’s game based on the movie and hence  follows the story line.

Gameplay is standard side scrolling platformer.  Its not much different from lots of other games like Indianan Jones, Batman and Hellboy. Gun reloading and switching to fists take more time than necessary but clearly designed to. Controls are precise but have enough leeway for key errors.   Most of the time characters move backwards especially when shot and disappear of screen but still firing away at you.  Overall quite good.

Game speed is very good considering the often relatively slow 6500 test phone.  As a result it’s one of the hardest games – in terms of difficulty to play.

Graphics especially the menus are very nicely done and Hi-Def.  The characters are vaguely 3D but lacking detail and the background scenery are not photo quality but perfectly acceptable. We like the animated NPCs – mainly the birds which fly out of the way as you approach.  The quality reminds me of the Lost game released a few years ago.

In terms of sounds it is typical and repetitive.  We like the new take on the 007 theme song – for the first few times…

The game chapters are a good length – so 5 minute play intervals are nice when on a train.

Unfortunately it does not match our new benchmark game – Watchmen which has noticeably better graphics, better action and definitely more enjoyable.