Facebook Zoo World Strategy and Cheats Part 1

Here is the first strategy guide for Facebook’s Zoo World application.

1. Best way to start off is by adopting an unfortunate animal via a posting on your wall.

2. If you don’t have any friends who already play Zoo World than start off from nothing!  It’s easy so don’t worry just click away.  You usually start off with a total of 4 animals and about $10000 Zoo Dollars.

3. You mostly earn money in Zoo World by staying online for at least 5 minutes.  5 minutes also equal one Zoo World day.  The currency is called Zoo dollars.  Else you can will click on your own or your friends trees for extra cash (worth 15 – 35 Zoo dollars at the time of this write up) you have to buy trees first though or various other methods that occasionally pop up on the screen.

4.  The early levels are very easy but this is the time you need to set your self up early.  There are various ‘Achievements’ or ‘Levels’ you can get but don’t worry about them YET!  You need to get organized first.

5. All the things you can buy for your zoo are limited but cheap at the start.  Includes animals, Kiosk, Staff Support items.

6. You need visitors to the zoo to generate Zoo World dollars.  There is a visitor count on the Zoo World tab.  This number is not related to visits by your Facebook friends but by virtual Zoo World visitors based on the mostly the number and type of animals you have in your Zoo.  There are other factors but they do not generate the numbers your  are aiming for.

7. You will also need lots of Facebook friends that play Zoo World.  Why? Every animal you have requires a zookeeper.  Mind you if you don’t have lots of friends you can purchase virtual zookeepers but they get as expensive as the animals you will have to buy.

8. The automatic timer stops after 15 minutes!  Leave it running and revisit every 15 minutes to refresh for an hour to get you started!  Then start buying staff!

9. Since the price of staff increase exponentially buy lots of staff at cheap prices first before worrying about completing achievements.  Eg. Zookeepers, Veterinarians, Kiosk Manager and Maintenance Manager.  This should keep you going for a little while. The more you buy early on when their cheap the better in the long run.  They start off at $160 then rise to over $100,000 each dependent on how many animals you have.  I would get 50 of each while cheap before starting on other tasks.  That should keep you going for quite awhile!

10. Not all the animals and Kiosks will be available at the start but don’t worry about that just yet!  Set your self up first!

That’s all for now, hoped that helps stay tuned to Part 2 shortly!