iPhone SE 2020 Review

Welcome to the iPhone SE 2020 review. We are reviewing it because we loved the original iPhone SE as it was a genuine value for money model even against other non Apple phones at the time. The US price is ‘low’ but else where in the world The iPhone SE is still expensive and clearly …

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iPhone 5c Review

Welcome to the Apple iPhone 5c review. This review is a little late after all the 5c has been for sale since 2013. Mobile phone tech sets new benchmarks every 12 months and you just have to check out our older reviews just to see how the model we raved about then no longer can …

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Apple Watch preview

While waiting to check out the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition in real life we decided to post our collective review of Apple’s PR aka promotional campaign for their Apple watch. We’re trying to keep the reviews real since no one seems to want to. 1. According to Apple, the Apple …

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