Budget Pre-paid phone in Australia


When we use the term ‘Budget’ we mean great value and not cheap for the sake of cheapness. For example the iPhone 5s 16Gig selling for around $500 is not a Budget phone it’s a bit of a rip off. Sure if you really wanted a iPhone and is currently the cheapest model and is in run out.

A budget phone is one that is as capable of working and looking like a top range phone with minimal compromise and as good as a mid range phone without the cost. Mid range phones in 2016 are usually superseded top range phone that is a couple of years old so can be budget phone too but that’s dependent on cost. The Budget phone also needs to be able to last 2 years.

All things considered the winner of our Budget phone recommendation is the Oppo R7s. The Oppo R7s is Andriod OS phone and priced around the $450 mark as we write. (Review coming up next) It’s spec list does not match the current top end models but its not a huge gap in spec and hits the mid range without the mid-range pricing. The screen quality and size along with the in the hand feel easily makes it the winner for a budget phone. Other features of the R7S features a metal body, dual sim, nice screen and camera fast Octa-core CPUs large RAM and expandable memory slot.

When the Oppo R7S is combined with a pre-paid SIM specifically an appropriate $30 pre-paid plan, the ones with enough data and unlimited calls and text you’re looking at a 12 month total cost of $810 and over 24 months $1,170 – in additional if you get a plan with roll over benefits there’s plenty of credit left over for a additional music streaming and other apps you can actually buy!