Android Wear Vs Tizen OS Vs Apple Watch OS Comparison

Shopping for a smart watch in 2017 is not that difficult since there are very models to choose from! This is a short comparison/review for the regular person as there is a standout winner.

We’ve used all three smart watch systems, comparing and reviewing them for your research over the last few years and it is clear which operating system is currently the best in 2017. The best smart watch operating system and hence smart watch is Tizen OS and logically the Samsung Gear S3. It such a better smart watch and OS. So much so we’ve bought one!

The conclusion is simple because:

  • Apple Watch OS is jerky, slow and not intuitive. Inherently the Apple watch user experience can be annoyingly random thanks to small icons and did we mention slow? Since it only works with an iPhone, the lack of design flair and that everyone who wears ones looks like they’ve been tagged like sheep. The Apple watch is a ugly looking lump on anyone’s wrist. There can be no further improvement without hardware changes or complete navigation re-design.
  • Android Wear is a bit smoother but the primarily finger based navigation is annoying. The OS is only 98% stable so can slow down every so often. But every revision is an improvement on the last one.
  • Tizen OS and is faster, smoother and stable with plenty of watch faces and customisations and easy to use. The rotating crown and widget capability and customisation are part of its killer functionality.