Why a pre-paid mobile phone plan is a great idea in 2016


Which type of mobile phone plan or network plan is an important decision you have to make at some point or other. In 2016 the range of plans have become very different from a mere 2 years ago so if your phone plan has come to an end it’s a great time to look at your options. You can continue to use the plan you initially signed up for but it will probably be out of date hence no longer value for money. We believe the pre-paid plan phone option is the best ‘plan’ to get for many people.

Having a Pre-paid plan means that you have to pay in advance periodically, usually 28 days. Paying or recharging within the time period usually means that any unused credit will ‘roll-over’ or accumulate. Most pre-paid plans in 2016 will have this feature but some still don’t for some reason.

Pre-paid packages like any other plan have a set amount to call time, txt amount and data allocation. For example: if you purchased a $30 prepaid value and you don’t use that amount it will roll-over or accumulate to the next period, so you’ll have $60 in your prepaid balance and what ever is left on your call time, txt or data! Since your calls, txt and data are usually not included in this amount the $30 can be used for other things like music subscription of more data or even txt. If you use up your allocation you can always use your credit to purchase more call time, txt or data. Just be careful which pre-paid package you get as some may not be a complete roll over eg. only call time or data but not the most valuable roll over credits e.g. your recharge amounts!

After a year or 12 recharges you may end up with $360 in credit and what whatever unused call time, txt or data accumulated over the year. The $360 can be used for other things like Apps on the Google Play store or Apple App Store, music subscriptions where available and even overseas data allowance if you’re travelling to a different country.

Best features of Pre-Paid Plans
You can buy a SIM only OR get one with a entry level mobile phone.
You can purchase a mid-range phone outright and still cost less overall and get more benefits.
Unused credit is rolled over every time you recharge for most plans in 2016.
Unused credit can be used to pay for Apps and other subscriptions like music or movies.
Plans on offer go from 28 days to 365 days before a recharge is due.

Worst features of Pre-paid plans
The phone handset you are getting is usually very basic to no phone at all.
You will need to purchase a decent mobile phone.
You need to remember to purchase re-charges every month.
You loose everything if you don’t recharge each month so can’t be late.