Telstra T202 Review


Welcome to the 2010 Telstra T202 mobile phone review.  The T202 can be seen in two ways, a very cheap or budget mobile phone or niche mobile.  We consider it primarily a niche model for the elderly or those with physical issues.  However due to its limited functionality and price a great solution for your child’s first mobile phone. Priced under the $60 pre-paid range it is like an expensive toy too!

The T202 has the biggest keys for a modern mobile phone we seen and the key selling point.  Certainly helps those who find the keys of the latest mobile phones annoyingly small.  Even the buttons on touch screen phones are not big enough.  Although the buttons are big the screen is not so large however the numbers displayed are readable for those with poor eyesight.

Once again the pictures distributed do not really look like the actual phone.  In your hands the phone is like an old style TV remote control, it works well nonetheless.  We like the design – its cute! The menu navigation is simple but with few graphics and just word to describe what option you are trying to access.

In terms of functionality the T202 is rather basic GSM only phone but it does meet the the needs of the target users, elderly folk. Admittedly the T202 would also suit the younger crowd as something different or would cut down on phone bills since it can’t access the internet.  It can only do voice and text messages.  This is cool for the school aged kids who demand to be different and do not care about the latest fashionable phone.

Telstra have determined that the users of this phone need a medical reminders and programmable SMS and phone numbers, a selectable one touch ‘short cut’ key, a torch and a FM radio.  Excellent battery life is a given.  We like the voice announcements when you press the numbers.  It all seems fair enough considering it can be found for under $50.  One last thing, no-one would want to steal this phone that’s for sure!


So if you want a very basic phone or just could not be bothered with the latest functionality in modern phones the T202 is a perfect choice.  Talk and Text are the T202 best functions. Sure there are other basic phones to choose from but they are not designed with big buttons and an easy to ready display.  Perfect for those who can’t get the hang of the latest phones or child whose parents don’t want them to waste their cash on data downloads and other unnecessary but entertaining apps.


  • Telstra T202
  • Network
    Dual GSM 900/1800 MHz
  • Design
    Candy bar
    108mm x 49.5mm x 15.1mm
    Weight 82 grams
  • Display/s
    External QCIF
  • Camera
  • Connectivity
  • CPU
  • Memory
    64MB internal memory
    40MB available to user
    Up to 4Gig MicroSD or Trans Flash cards
  • Ring tones
  • Features
    MyWords predictive text
    Speaker Phone/Hands free
    Calender/Phone Book
    300Hrs Standby, 300Mins Talk Time
    1000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Package contents
    XP/Vista Compatible PC suite
    Mac OSX Compatible software
    Personal hands free kit
    Travel charger
    USB cable
  • Price history
    Less than $50 AUS 2010 (Pre-paid pack)