Telstra Easy Discovery 4 (T4) Review


Welcome to the Telstra Easy Discovery 4 mobile phone review otherwise known as the T4, our first review for 2014. The Easy Touch Discovery 4 was released around Christmas 2013 and is a replacement for the Discovery 3. Like it’s predecessor the T4 is a clam shell or flip phone with all the features for text messaging and phone calls. The Discovery 4 is usually  available on a plan or we believe can be purchased out right for approx  $189. Purchasing the Discovery 4 outright of course is not recommended as there are plenty of much better smartphones that can be purchased in the price range!

The construction quality of the Easy Discovery 4 is actually very good despite being an entry level mobile phone. The flip mechanism and plastic panels fit tightly and it can even be described as stylish in terms of overall look! That said we think its just due the silver flat color and surround that give it a modern look. The keypad feels very good for traditional keypad and looks great. The case is larger than the older models but so to are the specifications for the internal hardware or circuitry. How the nice exterior will wear over time will be interesting to watch. It also looks better in real life than the pictures!

The hardware inside the Telstra Easy Discovery 4 is essentially an upgrade to the T3. The T4 now features a new bigger and higher resolution screen and a noticeably larger external mono-LCD external screen. The 3MP seems to have improved image quality but that’s not saying much. The Discovery 4 also has T-Mode or Tele Coil to prevent feedback on hearing aids. There is also the inclusion of GPS hardware that can provide GPS co-ordinates but no navigation software that we could find. The lack of 4G was also missed when using the basic browser.

In terms of use the Discovery 4 is as basic as it gets although presented in a good looking higher definition TFT screen. All it’s features are very easy to use, for txt, reading emails, MMS, and so forth. However with the small screen, it becomes tiresome to read but clearly that’s not what this T4  is all about! The operating speed is good but the old school 3G data download speed is noticeably slow.

To conclude the review of the Telstra Easy Discovery 4, we can say that Telstra has addressed almost all the issues we wrote about in the T3 review and can say that it would be a great but basic phone for non-tech older folk and those who want just a basic phone features. Believe it or not there are quite a few people out there on the street that still use these phones! It’s also is a robbery deterrent since any would be thief simply wouldn’t bother for obvious reasons.

However there is still room for improvement! Include a 4G antenna for faster data speeds for download and upload, proper GPS navigation software and we believe the category killer, 4G wireless hotspot technology and you will have a truly desirable phone for the growing number of tablet users! In fact if this feature was included and it was actually advertised and explaining the hotspot feature would probably bring in a few more customers but until then the T4 does not have any unique selling points. So the Telstra Easy Discovery 4 is a decent entry level mobile phone but it’s quite expensive.


  • Telstra Easy Discovery 4 (T4)
  • Network
    Dual-band 3G 850/2100 Mhz
    Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800 /1900 MHz
  • Design
    L107 x W51.5 x D18.4 mm
    Weight 112.8 grams
  • Display/s
    Internal TFT 240 x 320 2.4 inch screen
  • Camera
    Dual cameras
    3MP main camera
    0.3MP video call camera
    LED flash!
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth V2
  • Memory
    120MB internal memory
    32GB microSD
  • Ring tones
    MP3, MMF, MIDI, Vibration etc..
  • Features
    FM Radio
    MyWords predictive text
    JAVA MIDP 2.0
    Speaker Phone/Hands free
    Hearing aid compatible
    Customizable backgrounds
    Picture Viewer
    Video calling
    Voice memos
    Calender and organizer
    250 Hrs Standby,
    180 Minutes Talk Time
    900mAh Li-Po
  • Package contents
    XP/Vista Compatible PC suite
    Mac OSX Compatible software
    Personal hands free kit
    Travel charger
    USB cable
    User manual
  • Price history
    2014 Approx $180 outright but usually Plan only.