Telstra CDMA is better than NextG

It’s plain for everyone to see that the Telstra website for mobile phones is difficult to navigate without reading every single word they’ve written. (27/8/07) True – they have to cater for a large number of different types of customers but they have truly made a mistake of designing the site for broadband users rather than dial-up.

The majority of Australians still use dial-up purely because broadband is a rarity and if available very expensive. One contributor to this site who lives 20 km from the city cannot get broadband over the land line yet 2 streets away they can get it.

It is clear Telstra plays on statistics and technicalities to meet their claims.
If the phones they provide don’t work then it don’t work.
No matter what sort of supposed equipment they used for measuring signal strength.

You can thank the Kondinin Group for doing this obvious and common sense test.

In a world of people used to judging tech equipment based SOLELY on specifications this should be a wake up call – pun intended.

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