Stranded Walkthrough Chapter 2

We feel that the Stranded game by Glue is a classic adventure game for the mobile so we are continuing with the walk through.Chapter 2 – We Are Not Alone

Once you’ve completed the tasks in the first chapter Mike the policeman decides that its time to search for the missing girl, Stephie. To help he’s cut down some bushes so you can proceed to the newly unlocked area north of the beach. You have to look for the girl because he’s far too busy with making a raft, which you can actually see part of it on the beach at this stage. Besides he’s not ‘brave’ enough to go into the dark and scary ‘Western forest’.

Before you go heading of to the the new area make sure you recover your health by eating some of the fish you’ve been cooking. Once ready head off to the forest. You’ll notice the change in scenery and some small plants on the ground – pick them up because they’re rosemary which will help you out later. You’ll also see some pig type animals and more chickens running around. Remember to leave some fish uncooked for other tasks later in the adventure.

The mysterious stone statues are to the east then north. Check them out if you haven’t already done so.

The girl – Stephie is to the west so head that way. She will be with a native boy called Tuvu. She doesn’t seemed too impressed to see you because she was having an excellent time with the natives. More to the point she only mildly happy that you’re going to take her back to her mom. As you can probably understand why – her mom Emily has one or more loose screws in the head. Stephie is 9.5 years old apparently.

Take her back to camp and talk to everyone again. Stephie will remind you to talk to the young native boy Tuvu about hunting. The easily freak-me-out doctor Isabelle is now worried about the strange sounds she’s been hearing coming from the forest. Scary lady – wake up! forests make lots of strange sounds. She seems worried about your health -ohh. Funny considering she doesn’t have any children perhaps she likes you… but do you want to be with a freak-a-minute lady?

Ian the cook now has a task for you! He wants a Sea Bass 2 potatoes and a turnip for a tasty meal. No need to rush in completing this task but you will need to eventually. Mike now wants an axe.

Go back to the forest clearing and back to Tuvu he’ll give you a bow and arrows. In return you’ll have to hunt 2 chickens and 1 pheasant or grouse for him. You’ve only got 100 arrows so do this task quickly so you can get more stuff when the village area is unlocked. Hunting is easy, so hunt away until you run out of arrows. Then go back to Tuvu and go to his village. Talk to everyone to find out the trade prices for various items. Then start cooking the stuff you caught and begin trading for stuff you need.

The chief will have a chat and then its time to trade the stinky fish, chickens and boars you’ve been hunting. To get more $$$ or the local current of shells cook the stuff you’ve been hunting on the fire. One of the tribe ladies – Kimi will ask you to kill some snakes in the bay for her and Timi the other lady the rosemary for some seeds. Complete the tasks for extra shells. You don’t have to rush out straight away to complete the snake task but you will need to do them eventually.

The men of the tribe will trade you an axe so get that first . You may be thinking of ridding the world of the freak-a-minute lady or the other moronic members of your tribe… nah unfortunately you can’t get rid of them just yet… its for cutting down trees for wood. You need wood for the slave driver Mike, to make more arrows and fruit – of course. Hopefully you’ve collected enough stuff to trade for the axe and high level items like the Warrior’s Bow and Warriors Fishing rod at the same time. (2100shells in total) These items will make hunting and collecting so much easier. With the spare change (shells) buy some seeds because you’ll need them to make Ian’s Fish stew. 1 sea bass, potatoes and turnip!

Complete the rosemary task to get some seeds then trade shells for some more. Head back to camp to plant them. They grow pretty quick so once grown collect the plants and complete the Fish Stew task.

OK some strategy to speed things up.

Chop trees for wood and fruit.
Don’t worry about the trees as they grow back
By the time you head back to camp or where ever you are.
Talk to Mike who asks for 15 wood – thankfully you ben collecting them.
This unlocks the work place mode where you can make you own arrows.
Go back to camp and plant the seeds.
Loose screws, Emily has been making pots to plant them.
Make arrows with the hard wood – 50 per log.
You’ll need about 1000 arrows all up in the game.
Your Tardis like back pack can store everything.
Hunt with upgraded equipment for as long as possible before completing the required tasks.
You’ll need more shells and food to trade and survive.
5000 shells acquired after the purchase of the upgraded bow and fishing rod should be fine for the rest of the game.
Collect some extra rosemary if you can I think there are only 8 bunches.
Remember not to use the extra one’s you got after the initial trade – you’ll need them later.
As for seeds you’ll need to buy them.

You’ll also need melons grown from seeds to make the fruit salad to impress the tribe and trade for more shells. Keep growing stuff from the seeds – the plants that grow from them are random.
Now it’s also time to make the fish stew for Ian.

Once complete head back to the village to trade all your hunted and fished and cooked goods – adding substantially to the inflation of the native island currency I might add… Now do the other task set by the other lady in the village to rid the bay of 6 snakes.
You only have to kill 6 so it shouldn’t take too long if you have the upgrades.
High and low tide hamper your movements but there are tunnels.
She’ll give you 100 shells for your effort.

The completion of the village quests triggers the next chapter.

On the way back to camp Mike has something to say.
Apparently the clumsy oaf has lost the knife or rather he claims that some one has stolen it!

Chapter 3 walk trough coming soon!