Stranded Walkthrough Chapter 1

Here’s chapter 1 of Glu’s Stranded game walk through. We did a story-esque write up as a step by step write up as it doesn’t do the game justice. You really must immerse yourself in the character and situation you find your self in.

Chapter 1 – Strangers

The game starts off with a dream sequence.
It’s about who you’ll recognize as Ian and Emily at some stones shaped as heads.
Emily is about to be sacrificed!
Ian suddenly sees you! – the dream ends abruptly

You wake up surrounded by 3 others.
It’s Mike, Ian and a lady yet unnamed as yet. (Although for you it’s Isabelle)
You play a character called Mark.
There’s a short dialog that follows to establish the character types.

Mike’s a policeman and slave driver and Ian’s a cook and is nice but has issues and the lady is a doctor and clearly disturbed.
The lady, Isabelle loves drama and tells you she’s seeing things moving on cliffs and so forth.
Mike has the knife ohhh … And he’s going to make raft.
Since you’re not doing anything you are required to help make a fire.
Once you finish the fire task Mike ‘commands’ you to start fishing.
Task 1 collect 3 drift wood.
Task 2 collect fishing line and hooks.
Ian gives you an apple because he rescued you and probably thinks you’re cute (assumed).
Just walk along the beach till you collect all the said items and return to camp.
Also collect any thing else you manage to find.
Ripples in the water means that there is usually something to collect eg. shells.
Shells are the currency of the island.
Yes inflationary, like using tree leaves for money but this is a game.

Mike will now make a fishing rod for you and instructions on how to fish.
He’s got the knife you see…
Anyway he’s way to busy to raft making for such a trivial task.
He wants 5 pieces to make a raft.
(Don’t ask me how these small pieces could possibly make a raft – its only a game guys).
He’ll mentions that he’ll try to find a shovel – thank you for getting off your butt.
If you’ve been collecting everything you should have enough driftwood to complete his next task.

He then freaks out when there’s some movement on the beach.
Yes your surrounded by very easily freaked people.

So due to the unstable personalities of all the survivors it is up to you Mark Keane to do all the hard work walking around and getting yourself into danger.
Walk along the beach till you too see movement.
Yes you discover a another lady called Emily.
She needs water before she go anywhere.
So go back to camp and get some.
Isabelle as usual will freak out because there’s not much left.
Kinda of selfish for a doctor – hmm.

Cut scene of Emily’s arrival.
She is carrying on about her missing daughter Stephie.
Talk to everyone there to receive the shovel from Mike or Isabelle dependent on version?
No its not to hit him with but to knock some sense into the easily freaked lady.
(Just kidding violence is not the answer.)
Out of the blue Ian now wants a mackeral.

So your new tasks are to find the missing girl and go fishing.
Fishing is easy but tedious.
You’ll need bait – easily collected by digging at conviently placed bare patches of ground.
You may not get worms or bait everytime you dig either…
You don’t have to do this task straight away but it is necessary to familiarize your self with how to cook on the camp fire and digging and of course restoring your health bar.
I say do it quickly so that you can get the story moving.

When you return with the fish talk to the others including the easily freaked lady who happens to be a doctor.
She’s not happy because she’s s now lost her medicines and she freaking out again.
She says to look in a cavern up the beach for it.
Why can’t she go there her self?
If she lost them why does she suggest ‘the cave’?
Cook or smoke the fish so you can recover the health bar before you head off.

Now go to the cavern and recover her missing but empty dangerous medicines.
Don’t forget to do more fishing and cooking so that the next part of the game is easier.
Collect say – 10 fish of various types and cook/smoke them.
Doing worry about running out of space in your bag because you won’t.
I’ve had 50 logs, 150 wood, 500 arrows etc… Plenty of space.
Sure it physically impossible but this is a game and it is a sensible ‘flaw’.

Once you’ve found and returned the medicine the next area will open…

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