Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Fri 28 Mar 2014

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Welcome to the 2014 Samsung Galaxy S4 review. We know our quick review is a bit late but since the new S5 is due to be released and that our latest benchmark phone is a Z Ultra we decided to do this write up. Furthermore we know that the S4 will be around as a ‘budget’ model for at least another year or two! So if you’ve being holding off here’s our review on one of the best mobile phones for sale a the moment.

In terms of construction the S4 looks cheap than its competitors for its price tag BUT it is a solid phone. It is the glossy back and seemingly slim frame that disappoints. That said the vast majority of phone users including iPhone almost always purchase cheap looking and generally tacky protectors. So in the end overall good but not fitting of a top end phone we expect. Of course thanks to the design its signal reception is notably better than metal/alloy phones. Only Nokia seems to be able to construct plastic phones are are both sleek aka expensive and hard wearing.

In terms of hardware the Galaxy S4 has everything you could possibly want in 2014. Of note is the ever useful IR Blaster or infrared for controlling TV, the highly sensitive 5 inch touch screen and very good image and colour reproduction. There are many standard Apps that utilise its hardware features that it is quite daunting to start off with. The sound quality is also pretty good on both ends of the line. There is not much to complain about or that it is deficient in any way . The camera is one of the best out there too according to more reputable publications that said the images we took and examined are just as good as any other bar the Nokia 1020. The expandable memory so means you can store and view what ever content you want!

In terms of use the Galaxy S4 is good and bad. Good and bad because what makes it good can be bad – in that it is easy enough to use but there are so many standard features that novice Andriod OS users will be over whelmed. The Galaxy S4 does require a short introduction before leaving the store especially if you’ve never had a smartphone before. For novice users we simply say to buy a Windows phone instead  which are much easier to use than the iPhone or Android. Nonethless the S4 is slick and fast and really shows those upgrading in particular, how quickly Android has matured. If you are youthful in mind and want a phone you can customise and can do everything you could possibly want than this is really all you need.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Sony Z Ultra: Ignoring size for obvious reasons the S4 has more hardware features than the Z Ultra. The Galaxy S4 screen is also brighter which help readability in sun light. The S4’s camera is also very good! However where the Sony wins is in terms of speed – the Z Ultra is a noticeably fast phone. The lack of standard bloatware on the Z Ultra helps present a very convincing demonstration of the Android OS.

If you want a mobile phone or smart phone with the lot in a easy to handle size, the Big Mac so to speak of mobile phones – the Galaxy 4S for the time being is THE model to get. It can do everything you could possibly want in a mobile phone in 2014. When it does become the ‘budget model’ there is no reason why its shouldn’t very well indeed – if it’s priced right!


  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Network
    Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    Tri-band 3G 850/900/2100
    Tri-band 4G 899/1800/2600
  • Design
    Touch screen
  • L136.6 x W69.8 x D7.9 mm
  • Weight 131 grams
  • Display
    5 inch 1,280 x 1080 AMOLED
  • Camera
    8MP auto-focus
    LED Flash
    2nd forward facing video call camera 2MP
  • Video Camera
    1080p high definition 30FPS main video camera
    2MP Video phone camera
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth V4
  • CPU
    Quad core 2.3 Ghz
    Separate Andreno 330 Graphics CPU
  • Memory
    2Gig RAM
    Up to 32 Gig for user
    Up to 64Gig micro-SD expansion
  • Features
    A-GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
    Proximity, Ambient Light, Humidity, Temperature
    Ring tones: MIDI, MP3, Video, vibration and others
    Google Play store
    Free Google Navigator (requires data plan)
    MS-Word, Excel and Powerpoint, PDF, ZIP compatible
    SMS, MMS, IM, Email
    Speaker Phone/Hands free
    Li-Po 2600 mAh battery
    Up to 370 hours Standby
    Up to 17 hours Talk Time
  • Price history
    Approx $650 AUD late 2013-2014 (Outright)
    Approx $750 AUD late 2012 (Outright)


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