Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Secrets 5

Moves your Pokemon have are important in your ability to complete the game easily. So the ‘first move’ you look for is it’s ability.

So the Pokemon with the Pick-up ability should be an essential part of your team. More so during the start of a new game, when money and items are in short supply.

It is a rare ability only found in Pachirisu (Diamond and Pearl). The ability is as it its name implies, a Pokemon with this ability picks up various items BUT only at the start of a battle. Not every battle will result in a new item, so it is quite random. Sometimes you get a new item after every battle sometimes you don’t – so don’t be discouraged.

The type of items picked-up seem to vary according to the level of your Pokemon. At the start of the game we kept getting escape ropes. Other items include antidotes and potions, pokeballs, great balls and super potions.

We notably got better items when Pachirisu reached level 30. We started getting hyper potions, great balls, revives and even the odd rare candy.

When Pachirisu reached level 60 we where impressed with the items we started getting! Dusk stones, dawn stones and shiny stones, which are required to evolve certain Pokemon started to be picked up. Ultra balls, hyper potions and revives where increasing picked up as well.

By the time we reached the Elite 4 we picked up 15 escape ropes, 6 potions, 8 hyper potions, 4 full heals, 6 great balls, 14 ultra balls, 8 dusk balls, 2 shiny stones, 3 dawn stones, 4 revives, 7 rare candy.