Welcome to our first group review. we decided to put this together as it was clear that every Oppo branded phone impressed us with their version of Android or general usability. Although Oppo is still a unknown phone brand in most parts of the world but we don’t think that will be the case in a few years. The key selling point for Oppo is that it is a manufacturer of highly specified phones at relatively cheap prices compared to the competition.

In terms of construction every model was put together very well. Even the N1 with its rotating camera felt solid and more importantly build to last more the a few months. That said none of the Oppo models truly felt like premium model in the vein of the industry leading Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. All the Oppos where more like a couple generations in terms of construction.

In terms of hardware the screen on every Oppo, despite screen resolution looked great! All models have extra RAM so you can expect and do get decent performance regardless of what App you’re running. Only your network’s internet data speeds will effect your experience which is the way it should be. It is missing a few features we’d really like but a features like dual SIMs are worthy of note.

In terms of use the Andriod OS has been customised but to an extent that it does not hinder performance. We thought the menu navigation in particular was slicker than what we’ve seen on many ‘higher’ spec’d phones. There are problems though and they are support and Andriod OS updates. However the availability of the Android Play App does help security and system problems but updating the entire OS is safest option, which Oppo does not seem to do very often.

To conclude, the entire Oppo range for 2015 are very good choices. There is no particular model that we’d choose over the other except for screen size.

Australia pricing of the Oppo range can vary but the following is the price guide at the time of this post:

Oppo R7 Approx $450
Oppo R7 Plus Approx $599
Oppo N1 Mini Approx $320
Oppo Find 7a Approx $400
Oppo Mirror 5s Approx$250


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