Game Review – Tom Clancy’s – HWAX


NAME: Tom Clancy’s HWAX
COMPANY: Gameloft
GENRE: Air wars
SIZE:  929KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 6/10

Welcome to the Tom Clancy’s HWAX mobile game review.  Branded by a successful writer who penned the books to the game’s back story you would expect a decent effort.  More so the console versions where well received  but that does not always translate to the mobile phone versions.

The storyline is the same – you play David Crenshaw and elite pilot whose services are for sale.  It basically means you’re flying you plane in a 1942 like game environment shooting down various enemies and other flying bosses.  Complete each chapter and you’re rewarded with more of the the story.

The gameplay involves the use of the regular phone navigation keys so it works quite well.  Flying about on the screen avoiding over sized bullets and their various patterns all works well but sometimes not perfectly.  There seems to be a slight response issue – could be due to the phone itself..

Graphics wise the most impressive part in the game menus.  Excellent work on the aircraft inspired options.  Unfortunately the in game graphics are not so impressive.  The planes and backgrounds are done nicely but not in the same league.  Surely they can make them better.  Why did they try to make it realistic as opposed to a more ‘cartoon’ like background which would probably work much better?

Sound is typical as with all mobile games, a nice title track in MIDI and various sound SFX but gets repetitive after 30 minutes or so.

There are a few planet based air-warfare based games and in terms of the ones we’ve tired it’s essentially a tie for all.  None standout – but when comparing to others of similar but space or other world themed games you’ll find greater joy eg. Star Wars or Centipede.

Conclusion: HWAX is a good game.  Worth a play if you’ve got nothing better to do.  It’s not a remake of 1942 with updated planes since HWAX does NOT  have the outrageous but enjoyable powerup system.  Put in prospective the previously reviewed Centipede remake was more enjoyable.