Game Review – The Sims2

The Sims 2
NAME:The Sims2 for Mobile Phones (Unconnected Edition)
GENRE: 2nd Life Simulation
SIZE: 120 KB
RATING: 5/10Welecome to The Sims2 game review for the mobile phone. When we heard that the Sims where coming to the mobile phone we where impressed. We imagined a simplified clone of the familiar PC version but with less features but still with the trademark gameplay.

Unfortunately when pretty much let down when finally getting our hands on the latest version. This was the Sims2 – Unconnected Edition.
Among its flaws was linear game play, lack of items to purchase, lack of character or housing customisation, very limited animation, no simlish and so forth. You cannot even name you own Sim. Most of all its missing the reward for failure or incorrect choices which was one of the fun parts of the Sim series.

For example only your character dances about all the others just stand there it store dummies or you can flirt with anyone and not suffer repercussions. We managed to get married to all the characters male or female and divorce them with very little social issues.

Sim2 game progression is good for the first part, getting establish by learning various skills and getting a job but it all starts to tire and your left with plenty of spare time to do absolutely nothing – unlike the PC version. Once you’ve finished all the tasks, there are over 20 or so over the course of the game there is not reason a all to play the game again.

Even The Sims fans on the PC will be hard pressed to enjoy this version. So we give it a pass mark for the good parts at the start and that’s it.

Complete items are:
Alarm clock.
Small TV
Plamsa TV
Exercise bike
Electric guitar
Bath tub
Coffee maker
Drinks Bar
Mixing desk
Hot tub.

Other items come with the extensions which you can buy for your house.

Games room
Dance/Party room
Video game
Chess table
Dance floor
Outdoor setting