Game review – The Sims 3

The Sims 3
NAME: The Sims 3
GENRE: Real Life sim
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 9/10

Welcome to the The Sims 3 mobile game review. It’s cut down version of the forth coming PC game and to be honest considering past Sims games for the mobile phone have not been very good, the Sims 1 for the mobile phone for example was not even worth writing up.  So I hoped that the latest version would be an improvement.

Start the game up and your presented with a modern and very PC like introduction screen with witty comments scrolling across the bottom.  The main menu is now PC Sims like and the main theme song is an upbeat and high quality MIDI – if you let it play long enough. The theme isn’t the original Sims tune which is a pity.

The best part is that this games sound effects is that it has Sim-lish when you take to other characters, including the often funny speech bubble.

Gameplay is a replication of the PC version of the Sims games so you guide your customized Sim in going about daily activities.  One noticeable improvement is the reduction of the need to go to the toilet or take a shower every 5 minutes.

The games appears open ended although there are supposedly 75 goals, the ones I’ve been assigned with are just plain weird.  For example ‘be entertained for 3 days’ or ‘slap some’ huh?  You can also go to town, buy furniture or even get a job – almost everything to can do in a tradition Sims game.

There are LOTS of customisation options from normal to weird (eg green skin).  But there aren’t many body types though so your Sim will always be of average shape.  I would have liked perhaps shorter and extra tall bodies.  I guess that would be too much to ask for a mobile phone game.

On a personality side there are lots of different characteristics you can assign to your Sim including  Sleaze, Jerk and Manic where the funniest.  The character interactions are almost autonmous too.

Game speed is very good considering the often relatively slow Nokia 6500 test phone on other games.  I was also impressed by having the option to have 3 different Sims as saved games. (You can save the games at any time.)

Conclusion: EA Games have excelled themselves with the Sims 3 for JAVA.  It is by all accounts a clone of the regular Sims game.  Sure there are missing the ultimate and detailed factors of the regular PC versions but when you realise that its a mobile phone game – this is brillant!  The only critism that can be said is that if you have not played a Sims game before you will be a little lost for the first 30 minutes. If you like the idea of having a virtual ‘mini-me’ this is the game for you.  Overall – Yes a new benchmark game in our books on a variety of levels.