Game Review – Street Soccer

NAME: Street Soccer
GENRE: Sports
RATING: 9/10

With the World Cup Soccer on this year its obviously a good time to check out whether there are any decent football games.

I found an ‘old’ but a good one !

Street soccer does exactly what its name says. It doesn’t attempt to replicate ‘proper game’ of soccer – but a game that would have been played on the street. A game with 4 players and a goal keeper for each side.

The premise is that same as a real game meaning that you have to score goals however the have added in the function to fight opposition players if they ‘foul’ you or vice versa.

The gameplay is like other football games where you can control players and pass the ball to other members of your team bearing in mind not to pass it to opposition players. You can even be stretcher-ed off if your player loses all its health. There are even powerups and speedups to collect too!

The controls themselves are easy to master and the layout is convenient for a phone.

Graphics a OK and perfectly suitable for this type of game.

Sound is limited like all mobile phone games, but who cares when your having this much fun.

The level of difficult is good, not too tough or too challenging if you don’t want it to be.

It is immersive enough to miss your train or bus stop if you’re not careful.

Yet again I am impressed at quality at the mere mobile phone game.


We rate this game a 9/10.

Street Soccer is a great football game for the mobile phone. Must have game even if you’re not into sport games.

Its like having your own team !

Great entertainment when the World Cup Soccer game is not on TV.