NAME: Stranded 2 Mysteries of Time
GENRE: RPG – Adventure
SIZE:  600KB
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Stranded – Mysteries of Time java game review.  This is a sequel to the original Stranded game we review earlier and one that we regard as a benchmark in all respects!

I wanted this game to be a proper sequel to the original game but its not.  Instead we have all new characters and all new story line.  I would have liked to know what really happened to Mark and the weird doctor lady did they get it on or did Mark was seduced by Mike the policeman, did they ever get back home Ha Ha! (see the continuing walkthrough) – play the original game guys and see what I mean.

I have not finished the game yet because it is quite long.  The new characters so far are stereo types – which actually helps the game progress.  However the introduction chapter is just too long winded and dear I say boring? 15 minutes a least to get into the main story if you rush. This may deter new gamers.

You play Alex Howell a muscle bound doctor of presumably medicine with a typical skeptical attitude but obviously mentally brilliant.  You’re on a island much like the one Jurassic park but with military personnel grounding bit of the island.  You don’t find out what the whole aim of the story yet until at least about an hour into the game.

Technically the game represents the latest in programming so it does look good in particular on the E71’s widescreen!   Graphics are slightly  better than original with trees that sway and birds or bats flying dependent on the games time but the music is virtually the same.  Adds atmosphere but is repetitive.  The day time and night time feature is still there.

The game has some charms – such as the boxes of stuff that magically reappear soon after you kick them.  All the NPCs have the same face.  Your character’s backpack is huge! There a a few odd things like a wood fired time machine and a targetting system that takes time to get used to.  I preferred the old bow an arrow of the original.

There are different 2D and 3D versions dependent on your phone and mobile network.  We bought both to see what the difference was and we preferred the 2D version.  3D does not add anything to the game.

Overall we are enjoying the game.  For new players it will take time to get into the game.  It is not a new benchmark but it is a good detailed game for more serious adventure gamers. We may consider a walkthrough once we’ve finished writign the original Stranded one first!


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