Game Review – Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back screen shot
NAME: Stars Wars The Empire Strikes Back
COMPANY: THQ Wireless developed by G5e Entertainment
GENRE: Movie Tie-in
SIZE: 615 KB
TEST PHONE: Sony Ericsson k800i
RATING: 6/10

We liked the last LEGO Star Wars game. So when this non LEGO version was announced we quickly got one to review. The developer of this game was different from the LEGO based versions and it shows.

Each of the key scenes from the movie are replicated with you controlling the lead characters at the time, guiding them through the adventure. So you can relive the Hoth battle, Dagobah, the Asteriod field and Bespin locations. So there’s no need to elaborate on what tasks you need to perform.

The graphics are good and the sound mobile phone standard. (It uses pesudo 3D top down perspective for most of the game play.) But it doesn’t help the game play.

Of there is one definite criticism with the game it is the game controls. Sure the controls are logical and easy to master but unless you have a joystick based phone you will find it difficult to play. Needless to say if your phone has small keys even worse.

To conclude the game is not as entertaining as the LEGO based versions. Yes there are lightsaber duels. However it’s missing something…