Game Review – Star Wars The Clone Wars

Star Wars - Clone Wars
NAME: Star Wars The Clone Wars
VERSION: 1.0.19
COMPANY: THQ & Universomo
GENRE: Action/Movie
SIZE: 312 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to our Star Wars: The Clone Wars mobile game (Java version) review. Another Stars Wars universe based game we decided to review.  Generally they are worth buying – so its not a hard task to perform.

The story line is about you the leader of a squad of Clone troopers (They don’t become Storm Troopers) on a mission to destroy the separatists or droid army’s secret weapon.  The weapon is no big deal Ie. Cloaking technology.  However it is strangely compelling to play through.

Game controls are the direction keys and the fire key (special weapon) – which is very simple.  Sure its old fashioned but it does work very well on a mobile phone.   Your troopers are on auto fire which suits the game so it only a matter of pointing them towards the enemy.

Graphics are 3D like and quite good to look at.  The background and game environments are quite good although not photo realistic.  Likewise the sound is pretty much standard mobile game.

There are plenty of levels or planets and missions on them to do so it will keep you busy a a little while.  Difficulty level is good so you can finish the game if you wanted to.  You can also replay the levels to get better mission rankings or collect missing powerups.

Easy to play in short sessions between train stops or 5 minutes gaps.  You can also easily pickup the storyline if you haven’t played it for a few says.

Conclusion: We enjoyed this game.  It allows you to control an entire squad of 5 clone troopers easily and use various weapons without stress. Not a landmark game but good enough.