Game Review – South Park 10

230x5_spacerSouth Park 10
NAME: South Park 10
COMPANY: Comedy Central Mobile & Mr Goodliving Ltd
GENRE: TV based
SIZE:  595KB
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the South Park 10 Java game review. It’s game set  in the South Park TV universe by a game developer we’ve never heard of before!  If you ever seen the Comedy Central cartoon before prepare to be a little shocked since the series is driven by its topical and satirical and often adult story line and characters not by its deliberate lack of state of the art animation.

The game’s graphics replicates the cartoon’s cut out style and all the better for it.  Simple 2D in the trade mark primary colors works really well.  The game’s theme tune unfortunately is not the same as the TV series likewise the in game sounds.

The format is based completing 3 levels in an ‘episode’ titled after a certain actual episode in each series of the cartoon.  So you’ve quite a lengthy 10 episodes.  The character you play is based on that TV episodes key character!  For example you play the leader of the cows in episode 2 of the game which corresponds to Series 2 of the TV series.  During each level you must collect all  the ‘cheesy poofs’ to unlock special features.

Game controls and gameplay is standard platformer and uses the usual control keys.  We where impressed that the game also had in game volume control which is nice when you can have the music turned on.

Overall its a simple game and entertaining.  Since I do like the TV series I found the game had extra pull.  However those who have not seen the show may find it unimpressive.  Worth getting for fans and those after something familiar but different.