Game Review – Snoopy The Flying Ace

Snoopy The Flying Ace
NAME: Snoopy The Flying Ace
VERSION: 0.6.1
COMPANY: Namco Network
GENRE: Action/Cartoon series
SIZE: 272 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Snoopy The Flying Ace game review (JAVA Version).

It’s taken awhile for anyone to release a game based on the dog  from the popular Peanuts cartoon series created by Charles M Shulz.

The story of the game is for you to play as Snoopy to collect balloons in order to raise his friend Woodstock’s, the yellow bird’s nest from the ground.

The games graphics are replicated from the hand drawn cartoon they are essentially  replications of the cartoon strip which are perfectly suitable.  Fans of the cartoon will be very happy indeed.

The game’s sounds are typical MIDI based and acceptable.

Snoopy’s playability is very good since it requires only one button!  You could compare it to the Johnny Crash series in this regard but Snoopy is a little more technical.  As you progress through the levels it does get quite tricky.

You control Snoopy as he flies on his kennel though the air collecting balloons.  There are various obstacles like storm clouds and the Red Baron to avoid and powerups like Root beer to collect.  You even get to run over Charlie Brown and his friends for extra points.

Overall easy enough tasks to perfrom made more interesting by that addition of new obstacles with each new level.  Eg. Barn Storming

The game is targetted at a younger audience since is a lot of help on screen including a mini map at the top!  Nonetheless still challenging.

Conclusion: It is great little game that’s easy to play. It does not have the immediate addictiveness of  the Johnny Crash series but overall interesting enough for casual player and fans of the cartoon.