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Thu 31 Jan 2008

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Retro Pack Retropack
NAME: Arcade Retro Pack
COMPANY: Advanced Mobile Solutions
GENRE: Retro
SIZE: 197 KB
TEST PHONE: Sony Ericsson K800i
RATING: 5/10

Welcome to the Arcade Retro Pack game review. This pack consists 3 different games for you to pass the time.  The game in this pack are not the originals but clones.

They consist of Alien Scum – a Space Invaders clone, Ball Breaker – Brick Out clone and Cave Raider – a Cave raider clone.

As far as graphics are concerned its all very basic but better than the originals.  The sounds are based on the original but have a nice retro theme to them.  This is one game that actually has incidental sound effects, probably because there isn’t a theme song.

The game play is classic so it’s easy to learn however the game controls are likewise simple.  However the way the games play are very basic or crude so playability is not the best.  Gravity based games need finesse guys!  Overall AI and collision detection is not very good.  Seems like its missing frames.

The best one is Ball Breaker as it has some nice bonuses, like extra balls!  Try bouncing 4 at once rather than just the one.  This game saves the pack from a failing grade.  Doesn’t help promote mobile phone games that’s for sure.

The original games are classics – however this set of clones is not.


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