Game Review – MotoGP 2009

MotoGP 09
NAME: MotoGP09
GENRE: Motorcycle Racing Game
SIZE:  595KB
RATING: 8.5/10

Welcome to the MotoGP 09 java game review. It’s a  game set in the 2009 MotoGP racing season.  MotoGP is the official name for the International Motorcycle Grand Prix.  The F1 racing for motorcycles.

MotoGP game is amazingly detailed for a mobile phone based game.  There are 17 tracks, unlockable motorcycle upgrades that cover all the major aspects of the motorcycle, details of all the leading MotoGP riders, awards system, track time, track length details – all the key things needed for a decent motorcycle game.

Graphics are very good for this style of game.  I would say that it probably the best of all the racing games I’ve tried.  It uses 2D and 3D elements.  Your character even looks back at other riders and even falls off if you have an accident.  The back grounds change dependent on which track you are racing on too!  Excellent work.

The in game sound is typical MIDI but this game with ‘heavy rock’ sound track it becomes very repetitive – I didn’t hear and SFX either.

Gameplay is the downfall of many of these games.  Some games have too many real world physics which makes the game unplayable then there are other which are too fiddly, too fast or you have to ride to a specific formula and when you exceed that it punishes you.  Then there are those games that are just fantasy based which are just too easy.  MotoGP avoids all of these and it is actually very playable and enjoyable.  Great job there.

I was impressed with the effort.  The game works really well considering its on mobile phone.  It’s has all the features of a console of PC based game!  It is a benchmark game in the racing game catergory not just the motorcycle game class.  Worth getting because it will take ages to finish properly yet you can enjoy it in quick sessions.