Game Review – Leisure Suit Larry Love For Sail

Leisure Suit Larry Love For Sale
NAME: Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail
VERSION: 0.6.4
COMPANY: Vivendi Games
GENRE: Graphic Adventure
SIZE: 554 KB
RATING: 7/10

The Leisure Suit Larry series of games have been around for about 20 years! and this is the first known mobile phone version! You play Larry who is basically a stereotypical geek from the 80’s as he basically tries to find a lady and love of his life.

The Leisure suit is basically a Safari suit from the 70’s and was a ‘fashionable’ piece of clothing all those years ago. Watch an old James Bond movie to see it for real. Yes, 30 years ago a Safari suit and Flares where the height of fashion!

So how is the game? Leisure Suit Larry – Love For Sail (JAVA) for the mobile phone promised so much at least in title since it harked back to the genuinely witty and non-politically correct age of the 80’s. It’s relaunch in the 00’s is hence going to be interesting since it is without its original creators and in a totally different world. It’s also very different from the PC version of the game.

Graphic wise this game is state of the art 2D. It honestly looks great. Realistic graphics on a mobile phone game is NOT a pre-requisite to success but playability is. We can’t understand why everyone is so focused on 3D or real life graphics when they haven’t got the gameplay down pat. Larry is thankfully not presented in fake 3D but is comic style 2D like the original series. Some of the non-layer characters you meet resemble real life celebrities and movie stars, The Hoff, Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton are just a few parodies to watch out for.  Their alternative names are quite funny – for most.

Gameplay is simple enough but takes some time to get used to than most. Combining actions is the trickiest since it takes quite a few steps to manipulate objects. Trial and error with the not consequence (unless successful) was one of the fun parts in the original series and thankfully its been retained.

In game music in the original PC versions where a very important part in revealing the tone and mood of the game. It hasn’t been translated well to the mobile version.  There are only about 3 versions of the theme.

The adventure or story line its self is classic Larry although cut back for the mobile phone.    The witty one liners, a standard Leisure Suit Larry feature does not always work due mainly to political correctness and target audience of the game.  The games lasts for at least 2 hours on first play.

Overall its a good game but not a classic – something is missing.  Try Stranded by Glu if you want a game that scores top marks with us.