Game Review – LEGO Star Wars 2

Mon 21 May 2007

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NAME: LEGO Star Wars 2
COMPANY: Tt Games and Universomo
GENRE: Puzzle/Action
SIZE: 111 KB
TEST PHONE: LG U310 + Nokia 6233
RATING: 7.5/10

LEGO Star Wars 2 by Tt Games – The premise: You play as Luke, Leia or R2-D2 in the Death Star scene from the original movie. In order to progress in the game you take control of either of these characters in order to solve various LEGO type issues.

Gameplay involves arranging/destroying LEGO bricks and defending your other characters so that you can get through a particular area in the game. Each character has a different ability so you have to switch between them in order to complete each level. Unfortunately no lightsabers in this ‘episode’ just lots of blasters! The refreshing of storm troopers makes action continuous which is great.

There are 18 playable levels with save spots on the completion of each level. You can go back and play each level at any time. The level of difficulty is typical of a mobile game so not too difficult and there is one or two that will take some lateral thinking. Longevity and replayability is not too high but that’s expected.

Graphics are 2D with pseudo 3D objects. They’ve clearly spent time on quality control and it looks great. Personally I prefer this to real 3D. Game sounds and effects are the top notch I’ve heard form a mere JAVA game. If you have a Nokia 6233 you’ll be more impressed than any other mobile.

Keypad controls are logical and you can play this one handed without any problems. Although at times using both hands are required for precision movements. Easy enough to play on the train or the like. Very slick movements.

The only issue that came to light is when your character is in a corner and too close to a storm trooper and he’s shooting you to pieces your character starts spinning around and there’s no way to retaliate except to switch characters to create a distraction. You see only one character at a time can fire the blaster! Who knows if this was intentional?


We rate this game a 7.5/10.

It looks and sounds good. It’s missing lightsaber action which we feel is compulsory in a Star Wars game – hence the .5 off. Recommended if you’re a fan or not. Although fans may be bemoan the slight variation in the original story line.


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