Game Review – Insaniquarium

COMPANY: Glu and PopCap
GENRE: Fishy
SIZE: 254 KB
RATING: 9/10

Insaniquarium Game by Glu is a remake of the Popcap PC version.

The purpose of the game is to manage an aquarium. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it isn’t because you have to keep your fish alive by feeding and defending them against aliens and to top it off accomplish tasks by collecting ‘fish poo’ in the form of valuable coins to buy upgrades. Upgrades include better weapons for alien defense, better quality fish food, types of fish that ‘poo’ higher value coins and even diamonds.

There are heaps of game objectives to accomplish, things to do like getting different types of fish and you can even unlock various ‘friends’ to help you out! However you can only choose 3 friends at any one time. Each level in completed by getting enough coins to buy ‘powerups’ and eventually an parts of an ‘egg’. The egg costs more the higher level you go.

You can actually continue playing a level infinitely by not buying the egg for the particular level – completely up to you but considering the goodies you get as the game progresses finishing each level is a must! The save feature works on a last level completed basis which is fair enough. You can simply watch of feed your fish or undertake the quest mode.

Graphics are generally up to date but could probably be upgraded for 2007. They called the fish a guppy for some reason – they don’t look like the traditional real life guppy just a generic orange/red fish. Goldfish would probably be a better description considering the amount of coins they seem to excrete. The piranhas are a nice touch.

There are minimal sound effects which is disappointing but expected in this type of game.

Game controls are logical and one handed play is easy to do. One of the easier games to play on the train or bus but when aliens attack it requires your full attention! The level structure and progression is nice and even. Each level having enough a change to the tank design and tasks to complete. It all gets a bit hectic when you’ve got 20+ fish to feed and defend which is part of the challenge.

Once you finish all the levels there is some incentive to do it all again with the different ‘friends’ that are unlocked. Unfortunately you can’t choose which level to restart from. Very little to criticize all things considered!


Excellent game to add to your mobile collection. It just seems to draw you in to complete it.

All Insaniquarium powerups:

New guppy
Better quality food
More food delivered per key press
Star potion (converts fish coins to stars)
Star Catcher eats stars that covert to diamonds.
Piranha eater

All unlockable Insaniquarium Friends

Stinky: A very fast snail that collects coins.
Niko: A clam that produces pearls you can collect for more ‘credits’.
Itchy: A mini sword fish that helps you attach alien invaders.
Zorf : A seahorse that helps feed you fish.
Clyde: A jellyfish that collects coins.
Vert: A skeletal fish that drops coins but doesn’t need to be fed.
Rufus: A crab that attacks aliens on the bottom of the tank.
Merly: A mermaid that sings to make all your fish produce more coins.
Wadsworth: A mini whale that protects your baby fish from aliens.