Game Review – Fantastic 4

NAME: Fantastic 4
GENRE: Movie/TV based Platformer
SIZE: 218 KB
RATING: 3/10

The premise: You play as various members of the F4 team sent to complete various tasks in order to catch up with Dr Doom.

The gamplay involve solving various puzzles and ‘clobbering’ various enemies using the various powers of each member of the F4. This is all very standard stuff in these types of games – nothing new here.

Graphics are poor and sound is minimal throughout the game. I felt like I stepped back in time to the old days of the Commodore 64 or Sinclair computers.

Besides the graphics the other problem is the controls and collision detection issues. It’s all imprecise and just plain odd. It was annoying to the point that we didn’t finish the game.


We rate this game a 3/10.

We gave this game a low score because there is nothing really desirable about it. Some older fans may enjoy the old style look and feel but the majority won’t. If you persist you may be able to complete the game but it could have been so much better.