Game Review – Dogz


NAME: Dogz
COMPANY: Gameloft
GENRE: Simulator
SIZE: 318 KB
RATING: 8/10
DEMO: Gameloft – Dogz

Dogz is a puppy owning simulator for your mobile phone. We tried the 2D version because we thought it was much cuter.

In our version you get to choose a Labrador or a Jack Russell. We chose the Labrador because we like them! They come in different colors too! Opening the kennel on the screen we where actually smiling as the dog like icons moved randomly on the screen. We where then treated to a quick summary of the breed of dog we chose – Then pick a name!

The game guides you through these first steps. Then it’s time for food, water and bonding. Petting him a photo realistic image fills the screen and you can pet him anywhere you want! The cute blinking eyed and woof are nice touches. Puppy does a poo after the frist feed so make sure you follow the steps to discipline your dog!

Then its off outside to play with the Frisbee in the garden, then to the beach and playing rope, and of course giving your puppy a wash, take your puppy swimming and so forth. Once through the long tutorial your on your own. There are things like competitions for swimming and Frisbee you can do with your dog in the game so it’s quite interactive. We didn’t play through the whole thing because we simply ran out of time.

Graphics are cute with FMV like animations of pooing a peeing tag of war with the rope, Frisbee and so forth. Most are 2D animated GIF like images but some are photo realistic. The mix is very well done. It’s just so cute.

Game sounds/music are essentially BGM and there aren’t any ‘woof’ or things like that. There is nothing outstanding about the game in this regard. We would have like a real woof instead of MIDI tracks is the only criticism we could make.

Game controls are simple and one handed operation is simple to master.

Dogz is a much better game than Tagamotchi series and even when comparing it to The Sims the Dogz game is superior. Dogz is simply fun.

This is quite a detailed puppy owning simulator! We think it’s a great idea especially if you can’t get a real dog. We loved it and so recommend getting Dogz even if you’re not into this gaming genre.