Game Review – Command & Conquer Red Alert (Mobile)

NAME: Command & Conquer Red Alert
RATING: 8/10

Welcome to the Command & Conquer Red Alert game review for mobile phones.

The Command and Conquer C&C game franchise has been around for at least a decade on the PC.  We first experienced the original version on the 1St Gen Playstation all those years ago.  It’s a classic and genre defining game. The Red Alert version puts the player in an alternate universe to the regular tiberium story line.

There are not many games that replicate the C&C gameplay and this official release of the C&C Red Alert for a mobile phone was something we where looking forward to!  So read on to see how they have changed the PC game play for the mobile phone and whether its really any good!

Graphics for C&C red Alert are very good for a mobile phone games.  It is all in 2D like the original PC game but shruken and updated!  It looks better than the original PC game – and so it should.  The E71 we played this game for has more CPU and graphics power then PCs 10 years ago!  The menus and navigation all make the game feel well made and even close to the iPhone/iPod touch version.  The Natasha icon doing kung fu moves during any loading sequence is a nice touch!  We also like the Kirov’s.

Music and sound effects are limited to the standard MIDI tracks.  You can play the game without sounds or music easily which helps in public places.

Gameplay has substantial missing from the PC games.  The radar the buildings and units are all available and honestly do look good.  Even the story line adds to the overall playability.  There are some visual gags like snowmen which does help lighten the mood.  Game speed is very good although the environmental effects can be jerky – which looks intentional rather than a fault of the game.

Changes from the PC version are substantial, missions and resource collection are simplified for the limited screen size on the phone. It all makes sense and works on the mobile phone platform.

Overall Command & Conquer Red Alert is a pretty good game even if your not into the resource collection because the revisions have been made to appeal to a broader range of players.   We liked it overall but found the the missions take a tad long to be playable unless you’re at home.  This is the best of its type for the mobile platform we’ve seen to date.