Game Review – Cluedo

NAME: Cluedo
VERSION: 1.0.8
GENRE: Board game
SIZE: 704 KB
TEST PHONE: Nokia 6500
RATING: 7/10

Welcome to the Cluedo (JAVA) game review for the mobile phone.

The game play is similar to the board game which it is based and any changes are to make it interactive as a computer game should be.

You are a rookie reporter who is involved in a who dunnit!

There’s alot of text based dialogue to read and it hence important to pay attention.  It’s like a basic text and graphic adventure game of the early 1990’s.  Since you have to work out who killed who and with what – without too much graphical aid – it requires conceptual and logical thinking.  The game starts off with simple walkthroughs of how the game is played.  Each tutorial gets harder as you move up the career ladder.

Graphics are a bit plain 2D but are stylized in an art deco fashion or ‘detective’ movies on the 60’s.  There are lots of menus to go through – too complicated in my opinion.

The game play is like the menu system – complicated for a mobile phone game.  If you like the ‘Choose your own adventure’ books then there is a good chance you’ll like this game.  There are variable endings and lots of murders to solve.

If you want a mobile phone game that makes you think a little bit – just like the board game then this one is for you.   It  is not a game for those after instant entertainment.  As they say you have to immerse yourself into the game to enjoy it.

It is a good game but only for the few other than that it will have limited appeal.