Game Review – Centipede

Centipede Tn
NAME: Centipede
VERSION: 1.0.4
GENRE: Retro Shooter
SIZE: 289 KB
RATING: 9/10

Welcome to the review of the Centipede game for the mobile phone. Lets start off by saying that we have been unimpressed by remakes of old games. The remakes are often poorly made and even if licensed by the original developer they still don’t do the original justice. So we where in 2 minds to get Centipede. However one of us took the plunge and the rest is history.

Centipede is a simple shoot game. Shoot all the parts of the centipede (which we feel is more caterpillar ) that turns into mushroom barriers and and anything else like spiders, fleas and even scorpions to get points. The game is has multiple levels and 2 types of game play. The classic mode that uses retro graphics and powerup mode which brings it up to date graphics and logically powerups. Aside from the two modes there is also 3 level of difficulty and different game themes to unlock. Fully packed for a retro game!

Gameplay is excellent. Controls work immediately and the positioning on the screen is precise. There is an autofire which suits the game since the phone keypad these days are getting smaller. Nothing to complain about. Even the in game menu and help system works well.

Very easy game to pick up and leave especially on train and buses. However it has one flaw – This game is addictive. You think you can just pick up and leave – but you are wrong. 5 minutes turns to 10 then you jet sore thumb because you’ve been playing for 30 minutes. This is especially so in the Powerup mode.

Graphics are retro in classic mode which suits the game completely. In Powerup mode the graphics have been updated to a modern 2D environment. The update looks good although you’re too busy shooting centipedes to admire the background and icons.

The games sounds are standard MIDI but with effects when new enemies appear or explode. Nice change from just generic BMG. (Back Ground Music) Strangely we rate the sound effects better than other games we’ve tried to date.

Conclusion: we where impressed with this remake! The gameplay of the original but actually enhanced with this release. Objectively, like the original there is no ‘ending’ which is not a problem but a story line would have been nice at least in the new Powerup mode. You will definitely enjoy the game for the first few hours but over time you will probably lose interest.  However we think this is a must have have game on your phone.