Game Review – Ancient Empires


NAME: Ancient Empires
COMPANY: Macrospace
GENRE: Stragety
SIZE: 126 KB
RATING: 9/10

Ancient Empires is mobile phone game by made by Macrospace. This is a real time strategy game for your mobile phone.

You play as King Galamar of the Kingdom of Thorin who has to thwart his twin brother, Valadorn who has suddenly turned evil.

This is a game that captures the essence of a real time strategy game. The fact that it plays so well on a mobile phone is a credit to the developer.

Those who play Warcraft (Blizzard) will find themselves at home with this game. You start off with the basic characters and have to build an army to defend your kingdom.

Believe it or not they have even incorporated a story line into the game not just a written foreword to set the mood. That said many games don’t have interesting prologues but this one makes a passing grade.

Back to the game, you have the choice of buying set pieces summarised as follows:

– Soldiers who can collect money and attack.
– Lizard warriors who can move great distances and have defensive bonus if in water.
– Wizards can raise skeletons for extra attack turns.
– Spiders have a special ability decrease defence to other units.
– Wisps that increase attack stats.
– Catapults do high damage but on from a distance.
– Golems that have high attacks and defence but slow movers.
– Archers who can attack from a distance but weak defence.
– Wyvern’s are the ultimate class which has high everything.

As an added feature all your character stats vary according to terrain. Some like mountains and villages give a defence bonus and others like forests give bonuses to certain characters.

There doesn’t appear to be too many levels to the game, 7 in all I think (which is fine cause it is only for a mobile phone) but the difficulty level jumps dramatically at level 4. Also the ability to save at any point is perfect.

On the musical side there a several tunes which is good. The graphics while don’t look state of the art they still look modern.

A minor issue with the game is that the enemy also gets the same type of units. It would would have been nice to at least change the names and graphic of the units.

The main issues I have with Ancient Empires is the slow accumulation of funds and the sudden step up in difficulty on the middle levels.


We rate this game a 9/10.

Ancient Empires as a real time strategy game for a mobile phone they have done a pretty good job! The game play is good, controls easy to master the action can be saved at any point.

I reckon its the benchmark real time strategy game for mobile devices. I find it hard to imagine a game like this on a phone could be so good.

Must have game to pass the time anywhere you can imagine. Even if you not into these style of games give it a go – you might be convinced.

Close to perfect game on its genre for a phone.*See bottom of page.