2018 Australian NBN connection problems and experience

Mon 25 Jun 2018

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We’re getting NBN!

The NBN is highly marketed technology for faster internet but the reality is different.

Getting signed up with a billing network is easy. Eg. Telstra, Optus, iiNet, Vodaphone etc…

Actually getting connected to the internet – mostly difficult.

The lesson is simple do not expect immediate or even a few days turn around for a connection, factor in a 2 week turn around at least.

From internet research if it’s quicker than 2 weeks consider you self lucky.

If not feel free to call your network provider every day.

As for us 1 week and counting of no internet – we’ll keep you up to date.

If you get a bill for it think ‘NO FEE NO SERVICE’ it’s a thing these days.

So if your thinking about changing to the NBN network get some connection and activation guarantee first!

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