Apple iTunes 11 update is really bad

Oh dear – Apple really stuffed up with the iTunes 11 re-design!

It is basically a mess. Sure there is some vague logic to it – maybe but NO it is quite and utterly stupid. They should have kept the Windows Explorer design they originally copied. I’m sure you know what we mean and it will take a true Apple die hard fan to try and explain why it makes thing easier. Maybe you have to use it one handed! LOL

Even the latest Windows 8 redesign works infinitely better and easier to understand. When your 11 year old can understand Windows 8 in 10 minutes but still can’t quite work out iTunes you have a problem – Nope really serious problem.

BTW you have to press SHOW SIDEBAR under the VIEW menu to restore it back to a interface that you can actually understand.

We can image millions of people looking at the default screen after the upgrade and going WTF like we did!