Apple iPhone OS4 update

Like every tech BLOG the Apple iPhone gets free publicity here too!

We haven’t sampled the latest iPhone 4G yet but we have managed to upgrade our existing iPhone 3G and iPhone3 GS with the lastest OS4 – and here are our views!

The much complained about unified email box is excellent!  It also allow you to individually check each mailbox that you have specified and also individual mail box settings.  Clearly certain ‘reputable’ new sites have not actually tried one yet.

If you have the original iPhone 3G you should not bother with the upgrade – it does work but none of the new features can actually be used. Do not do it!

If you have a iPhone 3GS the upgrade to OS4 is worth the effort!  The phone is faster and most of the new features can be used.  The changeable backgrounds and the calculator icon are the most noticeable changes.  Multitasking is a bit of joke really.  It is activated by double clock the home button which is a pain. An onscreen button or gesture would be much more convenient, or another button on the side.  Finally the ability to create folders for sorting apps is also a feature log over due.

Both upgrades where performed on a Apple Mac and updates where downloaded first before performing the Sync and then the update.  We did not encounter any problems.  It took about 1/2 hour to download the nearly 400Mb file and 1/2 hour to then complete the software update to the phone.

A few of the older Apps no longer work but overall much better if you have a 3GS.