Apple iOS Vs Android Vs Microsoft Windows Phone


We often get asked which is our favorite OS for our mobile phone so we decided to do a our first real article and comparison on the big three mobile phone operating systems and some hardware as well! None of the companies send us anything but media releases so there is not bias unlike the majority of commercial websites. In fact there is not interest other than our own.

Before continuing we would like to make it clear what our primary choice operating system is: iOS and the Apple iPhone but it has nothing to do with iOS itself but its ability to run apps and music. If Apple had not provided this ease to access to content (music & movies) for mostly a reasonably price we would definitely choose another type of mobile phone. (We currently use Android for our secondary phones!) However we can announce our intention to change to Windows in the next 12 months so we can write up the latest on this ‘new’ OS.

Apart from the apps and content we like Apple’s iOS because it’s simple and responsive but it is looking very tired in 2012, it has next to no customisation options and very few display settings you can adjust. The much hyped retina display produces details but the images are washed out, opposite of the camera’s photos which produce fake over saturated colours. SIRI is the most interesting voice recognition program to date but since it needs the internet to work makes it no more useful than prior attempts. Apple’s new maps software is also primitive and huge step backwards form the Google version. It is also annoying to use because once the single button wears out there is very little you can do, especially so when only 12 month into a 24 month contract. Furthermore the lack of a replaceable battery, small screen and no expandable memory is marketing genius but people aren’t stupid and will choose alternate phones in a next year or two.

We love Android OS for smartphones! much more so than Apple iOS or Windows Phone OS. Simply because the user interface can be made as simple or as complex as you wish. There are plenty of customisation options on Android to play with and plenty of apps to install. Some of the manufacturer’s custom Android enhancements and larger screen and superior voice call and reception namely by HTC make it the only choice. (We have a laugh when Apple boasts that it has 3 microphones in the iPhone5 – that’s because it really needs it due to lower voice and sound quality in prior iPhones – and honestly it doesn’t sound any better) Android’s media capabilities are amazing for a mobile phone.  It can play virtually any main stream audio and video format you care to think and one of the key selling points. Finally there are so many options and models to choose from that it makes shopping fun again together with the ability to be an individual. The only problem is that its music is not available in this country otherwise we’d switch immediately.

As for Windows Phone OS: it is relatively simple to use, has a great browser and connectivity with Outlook, LIVE and Hotmail, polished apps but next to no customisation options. There are only a few but significant issues we have with all versions a this stage. Firstly none of the models have expandable memory and next there are very few models to choose from. It also takes a bit longer to work out how to do things beyond the basics even adding tiles and a world clock was an interesting experience. Considering that Microsoft has chosen not to allow any but a few insignificant mods to the user interface is a disappointment along with poor media player and lack of apps or cheap content reeks of Apple’s monopoly like attitude to phones users which is definitely why it this OS will never be popular as the others.

So that’s what we think.