Apple iOS Vs Android Vs Microsoft Windows Phone 2016


To start of 2016 we decided to once again compare the 3 main mobile phone operating systems again to see what’s changed and to assess our own views on which is the best system to get.

Apple iOS is used only for Apple’s iPhones. Many are familiar with the system over the years and it is one of slickest systems out there. It is limited by the hardware it runs on and Apple’s inability to innovate functionality further than the basics. Flaws are getting bigger too especially when official Apple accessories do not work with current models and problems with iTunes is half only half of it, for 2016 it’s probably gone backwards overall in terms of ease of use. iOS also requires the latest hardware to run properly. We also hate the notification system downloading Apple biased news. Gone are the days when iOS was the most efficient its now sluggish on any model other than the latest.

Android OS is used by every other manufacturer and many are familiar with the way it works. Android is a slick as iOS in default mode used but the Nexus models. Although Google develops the core other manufacturers have taken to modifying it with wildly different results. The best implementation is arguably Sony but it needs to cut back on ‘Sony’ experience Apps which can be combined into 2 apps not 6 or more as it is now. Samsung’s Android version is the next best experience with genuinely useful mods however it makes it the interface not as slick as the others. The bare bones Nexus is probably the next best as it requires a number of other apps before it can be fully utilised which is arguably the point. Most models have microSD expansion which means longer life and easy data transfers and added to the ability of Android to play any movie, music file for example is brilliant. Unfortunately the amazing functionality of Android can still make it confusing to first time users.

Windows Phone OS is very good no question. Easily the slickest and easiest to use on any sort of hardware. Just plug it into any Windows PC and you can manage your content. Lots of new features have improved usability and speed. We think it will thane the world a little longer to realise how good it is. The biggest problem is still the lack of Apps  but give it a little more time.

We think Android and Windows Phone have advanced the most since the last time we reviewed them and should be your next choice in mobile phones.